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2018 model 3 long range rwd 0-60

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As all established automakers know, a mass-market affordable car is more difficult to pull off than a small-volume luxury car. Each current Model 3 is equipped with two mandatory options.

The packaging, though, is pure Tesla, with the single motor mounted on the rear axle a dual-motor all-wheel-drive version is said to be forthcoming and a massive battery pack under the floor. Made largely of steel but with aluminum doors and hood, the Model 3 weighs about pounds more than a rear-drive BMW i, but the placement of that battery pack puts its center of gravity much closer to the ground, at just When driven at up to, say, seven-tenths of its capabilities, the Model 3 is solid and satisfying.

As its layout would suggest, it is eager to change direction, with quick steering, sharp turn-in, and tightly controlled body motions. The thick-rimmed steering wheel feels well weighted and precise enough that the three modes—Comfort, Standard, and Sport, in order from lightest to heaviest—are set-it-and-forget-it propositions dependent on personal preference.

As such, the chassis test numbers—a foot stop from 70 mph and 0. That acceleration rate suggests that the Tesla puts out more than the quoted horsepower. Push the Model 3 a bit closer to its handling limits, as we did on our 10Best loopand the tires give up early and understeer becomes the predominant dynamic trait. Although the Model 3 is a bit less involving than the best sports sedans on these roads, it lacks the refined isolation of its similarly priced rivals.

Our sound meter measured 69 decibels at 70 mph, louder than an A4. There were also some subtle yet annoying rattles and creaks in our test car, which had less than miles on the odometer. The high recommended tire pressure of 45 psi seems partially to blame for this racket, but letting some air out would result in a decrease in efficiency and driving range. Conventional gauges, radio buttons, and HVAC knobs are nowhere to be found. This aggressively minimalistic approach results in some strange and unsuccessful attempts to reinvent the automotive interior.

The process required to move the mirrors and to manipulate the power-adjustable tilting and telescoping steering wheel incorporates both a menu within the touchscreen and the finicky steering-wheel scroll buttons. Changing the direction of airflow from the HVAC vent that stretches across the full width of the dash is, similarly, a multistep affair in which you must pinch and swipe a display within the climate-control menu that resembles a not very addictive smartphone game. The empty dash also makes for a delightfully clear view ahead.

Despite the intrigue of the single piece of glass that curves, uninterrupted, from the middle of the roof to the leading edge of the trunklid, rear visibility is obstructed by the high parcel shelf. The unconventional packaging is also a boon for storage space, with two big console compartments in place of a transmission tunnel and a small front trunk to complement the relatively deep rear one. But while we did not observe any glaring fit-and-finish issues inside the Model 3, the exterior was a different story.

Such a glaring misstep makes us wonder what Tesla could have made of the Model 3 without the ambition to produce so many cars so quickly.November edited November -1 in Model 3. Getting ready to place my M3 order tomorrow in hopes of maybe making the year end full tax rebate. I was curious reading on Wikipedia that the RWD is getting 4. In the end I live in the midwest, and will need AWD regardless Also - do most believe the mid-range AWD assuming it comes will have similar performance to the LR on 0 to 60?

Or will they limit performance with the small battery? November edited November That wiki has wrong info. Actually, it's been clocked at 4.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Instrumented Test: Can It Live Up to the Hype?

That's where the wiki page got its info. The AWD might be faster than the posted I don't think I've ever pushed down more than half an inch on the accelerator pedal ok, maybe once.

Seems accurate from what I've read. Enjoy your order! Pickup was amazing. The 4. Other theories? At least that's the speculation spurred from people's perception of a slowdown. The service guy came out to program a couple of new access cards and told me the publicly released specs are low and that 4. Typically it appears in almost all cases that Tesla understates the 0 to 60 times Or can the car hit 4. Wiki pulled their HP calcs, I was curious how each model compared in Torque and if any peak acceleration extrapolation could be done.

The RWD is slow from stop. It doesn't get full power until almost 40mph.Fred Lambert. Now we are even getting to see some performance testing of the Model 3, which could be quicker than Tesla leads us to believe. Tesla is still trying to push the Model S performance versions in that regard, but future versions of the Model 3 with dual motor could also prove competitive. Nonetheless, DragTimes got their hands on a Model 3 and decided to test the acceleration of the current version with RWD motor and Long Range battery pack.

For the quarter-mile, they achieved a As for the 0 to 60 mph acceleration, Tesla has been advertising 5.

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Dragtimes beat that on its two runs — including one in 4. Tesla owners have often achieved better times than Tesla has been advertising even with previous vehicles and sometimes it has to do with the testing method.

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2018 model 3 long range rwd 0-60

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Guides Tesla Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its 'Tesla Motors' division and stationary battery pack for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its 'Tesla Energy' division.

The Tesla Model 3 is the first vehicle built on Tesla's third-generation platform. It aims to reduce the entry price for electric vehicles while not making any compromise on range and performance. Through Zalkon. January 6, Tesla Model 3 accelerates from mph in 4.

Tesla Model 3 - 2018 Long Range RWD

They used a VBOX to test the 0 to 60 mph acceleration time and the quarter-mile time. What do you think?

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Fred Lambert's favorite gear. Get interesting investment ideas by Fred Lambert.New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Trim Select Trim. Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive. Engine Order Code NA. Engine Type and Required Fuel Electric.

Fuel System NA. Cooling System Capacity quarts NA. Transmission Order Code NA. Transmission Description Automatic. Number of Transmission Speeds 1. First Gear Ratio :1 NA. Reverse Ratio :1 NA. Final Drive Axle Ratio :1 9. Clutch Size NA. Fuel Economy and Range.

2018 model 3 long range rwd 0-60

EPA Battery Range miles Fuel Tank. Exterior Dimensions. Wheelbase inches Length inches Width, without mirrors inches Height inches Front Track Width inches Rear Track Width inches Minimum Ground Clearance inches NA. Liftover Height inches NA. Interior Dimensions. Total Passenger Volume cubic feet Front Head Room inches Front Leg Room inches August in Model 3.

Good evening! I was thinking that the extra range would justify getting the older model over the new one. However, I'm scared of getting a used Tesla due to either cosmetic issues or maintenance issues over the next couple of years. I would be getting Gen1 seats with the Tesla and Gen2 seats with the Tesla.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range Battery RWD Features and Specs

Also warranty wise, I would be getting the full 4 year warranty with the Standard Range but I would only get the remaining 2 years for the Tesla or until it hits 50, miles. Does anyone have any tips in general or experience regarding buying used from Tesla?

August I also like the roof glass better, doesn't change colors or look purple. Some people like that, but I tinted mine black and I didn't want any colors. Do you need long range? Does it have FSD? I'm guessing it has premium audio and fog lights?

FSD currently can detect stop signs and Some traffic lights. It has potential to prevent accidents. FSD continues to get better in future updates.

Performance : Long Range 4. Be about miles for Standard Range. The extra range is very helpful in longer trips and help avoid having to stop to charge. The Model 3 has been reliable and 30k is not a lot.

Ours have over 50k miles and so far very little maintenance and still runs like it was new. You will want to confirm that the car has not been in any accident.One of the latest change in the constantly changing Tesla offer is reportedly the discontinuation of the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive version of the Model 3.

Now, it seems that LR RWD Model 3 will not be available anymore - at least temporarily - probably to simplify the production process. You can't even order it off menu any more.

2018 model 3 long range rwd 0-60

I'm so glad I picked mine up before this happened! The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive was one of the best value propositions on the market because it offered miles km of EPA rangewhile the mph acceleration of 4.

It's a shame for price-sensitive Tesla customers who wanted long range, but not necessarily the top performance. On the other hand, Tesla probably didn't produce a lot of those and the AWD version will be sold at a higher margin we guess.

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The streamlining of production at a busy Tesla Factory is also a likely reason. Jun 17, at am ET. By : Mark Kane. Now, customers need to choose between shorter range or all-wheel drive versions. Tesla Model 3. Sign In or Sign Up.All-wheel drive was once seen as dead weight in a sports car, but today we recognize it as a necessary traction enhancement on the dragstrip, especially for heavier cars.

Nothing demonstrates that new reality like a Tesla. The context really drives it home. The highest-performing Model 3s we've tested have been, naturally, Dual Motor Performance models with horsepower and lb-ft. The quickest of them hit 60 mph in 3. The slowest, if it can be called that, was a Model 3 Long Range rear-drive car, which hit 60 mph in 4.

The acceleration data alone beautifully demonstrates the advantage of all-wheel traction: eight-tenths of a second gained getting up to freeway speeds and nine-tenths gained in the quarter, just by powering the front wheels. That puts the standard Long Range Dual Motor car just 0.

The Tesla falls behind in the quarter, but then again, it has less than hp. Put enough power and grip in the equation, and anything can go fast, but the plain-Jane Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor can corner, too. Of course, it would corner a lot better if it had the Performance model's tires, but being the everyday car, it wore Continental all-season tires.

At the skidpad, it showed a pretty good 0. That's comfortably ahead of the rear-drive car 0. On the performance sedan front, however, it's more 5 Series than M5 though it's sized more like an M3. In fact, it's about dead even with an Mi and actually slightly behind a Hellcat. You wouldn't know it behind the wheel, though.

Everyone's heard by now that batteries under the car mean a low center of gravity and a feeling of being planted on the road, but Tesla has another trick up its sleeve that doesn't get nearly as much attention: the windshield. Not having much to cover up front, the hood and therefore the cowl height base of the windshield are very low.

Love or hate the Model 3's ultra-minimalist dashboard, the design keeps everything low and out of your sightlines. With such a massive windshield in front of you and the ability to see more of the pavement ahead that would otherwise be blocked by the hood and instrument cluster, Tesla has greatly enhanced the perception of speed. Like sitting in the first car of a roller coaster, you have fewer reference points around you and a better view of the world coming at you.

Rather than sitting in a midsize sedan, the view out is more akin to sitting in a McLaren even if the seating position isn't. Combine this with a low center of gravity and linear, zero-lag acceleration, and the Model 3 feels faster than it is every time you punch the accelerator or turn the steering wheel.

And again, it isn't slow. The steering wheel, as with most electrically assisted systems, doesn't talk much, but it's very precise.

Although it doesn't put up the numbers of other performance sedans, the quick steering, minimal body roll, and the always-ready power combine to make the car particularly fun to drive for a non-performance model.

2018 model 3 long range rwd 0-60

It sails through curves with an easy confidence and eager responses that make you want to try keeping up with a sports car even if you don't have the tires for it. It's a similar case with the brakes. Stopping from 60 mph in feet is fine but hardly spectacular.

It's a few feet better than the rear-drive car thanks to an increased regenerative braking effect from the front motor. Rear motors applying too much regenerative braking can destabilize the car, so they can't regenerate to their full potential.


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